Sachin Master

Sachin Master is a Senior Vice President at Clerestory Consulting, who brings 15+ years of professional experience helping various organizations elevate their operational performance.  He focuses on building collaborative working teams to solve complex challenges and brings deep program, project, and change management expertise to keep his teams’ energy focus on the right strategic priorities.

Sachin’s experience spans multiple industries and business functions, and he has earned roles as a senior leader in both the corporate and consulting worlds.  He is most passionate about building strong end-customer experiences and creating positive employee work environments.  Sachin knows that involving people in solutions is the best way to drive progress, and communication is key to building long-lasting advocates for the future.

Sachin has a six-year-old daughter, Saavi, whom he raises with Sara, his wife of almost ten years.  Respect for the environment, sustainability, and equality are core values Sachin and Sara strive to build within their family.  They live in West Town, and Sachin is an active member at their daughter’s school, Near North Montessori.   Before living in Chicago, Sachin earned his MBA from the University of Michigan and lived in Upstate New York, the Silicon Valley, around the Midwest.