Lynn has dedicated her career to regulatory compliance, eco-business innovation, and environmental advocacy in the public and private sectors. She has served as Senior Advisor & Director of the Water Management Administration at the Maryland Department of the Environment. Prior to that, Lynn was an advisor to Maryland Governor Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr. on environmental issues and policy development. 

Lynn has also served as a Regional Administrator at the US Environmental Protection Agency where she focused on sediment and water quality remediation projects in the Great Lakes. She was also Director of the Southeast Offices at the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. 

Lynn joined Openlands’ Board in 2022. She has also served as a Board member and Officer of the South River Federation of Anne Arundel County, Maryland; a Member and Officer of Anne Arundel County Women Giving Together; and a Trustee and Chair of the Board of the Higgins Lake Foundation in Roscommon, Michigan. 

Lynn lives in Evanston. She received her B.A. in American Government from the University of Virginia and her J.D. from the Wake Forest University School of Law. 

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