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Openlands TreePlanters Grants provide young trees to communities in the City of Chicago and the near south suburbs.

Plant Trees in Your Neighborhood with Your Community

People are essential to the health of the urban forest. Research shows that newly planted trees that are properly cared for in the first three years have a significantly higher rate of survival than those that are not, especially in places like Chicago. And trees give back to us, too. Trees are central to our long-term health and well-being by cleaning air, providing shade that cools our homes in the summer and warms it in the winter, and reducing our stress levels.

But not every community has equal access to tree-lined streets. Historic and ongoing environmental policies have caused increased pollution and lower-than-average tree canopy in some neighborhoods in our region, specifically on the southwest side of Chicago and near south suburbs. Openlands TreePlanters Grants seek to increase access by providing new trees to communities throughout the City of Chicago and near south suburbs with a special focus on communities with low canopy cover including Archer Heights, Brighton Park, Chicago Lawn, Gage Park, Garfield Ridge, McKinley Park, New City, South Lawndale, West Elsdon, West Lawn.

TreePlanters Grants are awarded to people, groups, or organizations that can bring together and coordinate their neighbors to plant 10-40 trees in predetermined locations in their neighborhood. While TreePlanters grantees provide the people and places to plant trees, Openlands provides the education, organization, supplies, expertise, and quality control on the day of planting, working with the grantee to host an educational and engaging tree planting event. After planting day, grantees agree to take care of these trees for several years while they get established. Throughout, Openlands Community Arborist and forestry staff are there to provide assistance, educational resources, and answer questions.

Want to learn more? Watch this short video to learn more about the TreePlanters Grants Program.

Meet Our Expert Staff

Community Arborist
Openlands Staff Tom Ebeling
Senior Forestry Program Manager
Openlands Staff Michael Dugan
Director of Forestry
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