Openlands Native Tree & Plant Sale


The Openlands Native Tree and Plant Sale is now open. Visit the Possibility Place online store now to order your native trees, shrubs, and perennials. Trees and shrubs ship beginning April 1. Perennials ship beginning May 1. More species will become available for order and shipping in the Spring.

Give nature and the land you love something big by planting something small.

Openlands Native Tree and Plant Sale offer a gorgeous selection of native plants that, in addition to soaking up stormwater, cleaning the air, and beautifying our properties, provide the much-needed habitat that pollinators and other wildlife depend on. Traditional garden centers don’t offer these native plants. Happily, our friends at Possibility Place Nursery do. We are proud to partner with them again this year.

If you want to ensure your purchase includes only those plants native to our region, cross-check this list.

Lake County, IL residents: You can get personalized advice with a Lands in Harmony property appointment by scheduling here.

All orders have FREE shipping with plants guaranteed to arrive healthy or your money back!

Black Eyed Susan
Cardinal Plant

About Possibility Place Nursery

Possibility Place Nursery is a native nursery in Monee, IL, in the Chicago metro area, we specialize in growing tree, shrub and perennial ecotypes native to the Midwest. 

Together with Possibility Place, Openlands Native Tree & Plant Sale offers a full array of native trees, shrubs, bulbs, and seed starter flats for purchase.

Order trees, shrubs, and select perennials. These are the youngest trees and shrubs we offer, the perfect size to transplant so that they establish well in their new home.

Native bulbs & tubers are incredibly easy to grow, and with a little water and patience, you’ll have gorgeous plants in no time.

These kits feature 18 perennial pints to help you start or expand a perennial garden with a unique purpose in mind. And now introducing seed starter kits, perfect for starting your gardens from seed, available to ship year round! 

Mix and match perennials! You can mix and match any available perennial species in an order! Each box holds one flat of 18 pints and must be fully packed to ship (mix-and-match pint orders must be in units of 18:  18, 36, 54, etc.).

Meet Our Expert Staff

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