Land Trail Extension: Salt Creek Greenway Trail


Land Trail Extension: Salt Creek Greenway Trail

Skill Level

Not Applicable

Trail Length

25 miles of land trails

Waterway Trail

One of the region’s best known trails is the Salt Creek Greenway Trail, which spans two counties of forest preserves, parallels the Salt Creek Water Trail, and provides excellent wildlife viewing opportunities.

Spanning 25 miles from Busse Woods in Elk Grove Village to the Brookfield Zoo, the Salt Creek Greenway Trail connects 12 communities and over 300,000 residents overall. The trail connect through the Forest Preserves of Cook County as well as the DuPage Forest Preserves.

Whether you explore the Salt Creek by land or on the water, you will pass under shaded canopies, through open prairies and savanna, and through protected Illinois nature preserves along the Salt Creek Greenway Trail.

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