Cricket Creek Forest Preserve to Hunter Drive


Cricket Creek Forest Preserve to Hunter Drive

Skill Level


Trail Length

7 miles

Waterway Trail

Put-in Parking Directions: Enter Cricket Creek Forest Preserve on the north side of Fullerton Avenue just east of Salt Creek in Addison. The put-in is directly west of the parking lot.

Take-out Location: The take-out at Hunter Drive is on river-left 0.4 mile downstream of the I-88 bridge at the west end of Hunter Drive, just before the Cermak Road bridge.

Alternate Take-out: A shorter trip can be had by taking out at the Eldridge Park Canoe Landing (pictured). The length of the trail from Cricket Creek Forest Preserve to Eldridge Park is approximately 4.5 miles.

Hazards: Do not continue downstream of Hunter Drive.  The owners of the Butler Golf Course object to paddlers passing through the golf course or portaging the Oak Brook Dam which is 1,000 feet downstream of the 31st Street bridge.

Notes: There is a significant dam downstream from the take-out at Graue Mill. For additional paddling on Salt Creek, please see entries on this website for additional trails that begin downstream of the dam.

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