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The 2024 Application portal is now open and will close on April 12.

Access the report templates and other materials to manage your awarded grant.

Important Reminders

  • Grantees are responsible for reviewing all the program materials to ensure their projects and final grant reports meet the terms of the ComEd Green Region Grant.
  • Before beginning their projects, grantees must accept the funds by submitting a Receipt of Funds Letter and a resolution. The resolution shows that elected officials of the grantee approved the project and the expenditure of funds necessary for its success. Board meeting minutes are not a substitute for a resolution. Samples of both can be found below.
  • Applicants awarded funds for their projects will be expected to fully expend the grant award within 18 months of its receipt.
  • Retroactive reimbursement for costs accrued between the application deadline and the grant award may be allowed on a case-by-case basis. All requests for such reimbursement must be made in writing to
  • Within two months of the final expenditure of grant funds, the applicant must submit a final report summarizing the work accomplished with the grant. Accompanying the final report will be photographs or other documentation of the project, as well as an explanation of accounting that justifies the use of the grant funds, including documentation of invoices, canceled checks, recorded deeds, settlement sheets, etc., as necessary for the project. Access the grant report template.
  • During the grant period, award recipients will agree to participate in press conferences or events, to be quoted in ComEd literature describing the ComEd Green Region Grant, and to identify ComEd as a funder in any materials produced to explain or promote the funded project.
  • Recipients will agree to acknowledge the use of ComEd Green Region Grant funds for the project, either through signage for capital projects or written acknowledgment in documents. Signage language must read: “This project is supported by generous funding from ComEd and Openlands.” Please get in touch with for logos and signage approval.

Timeline – Grant Report Due Dates

March 17, 2023

Grant reports are due from all 2021 grantees.

March 15, 2024

Grant reports are due from all 2022 grantees.

March 21, 2025

Grant reports are due from all 2023 grantees.

March 20, 2026

Grant reports are due from all 2024 grantees.

Materials for Current Grantees

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