Land Trail Extension: Glacial Park


Land Trail Extension: Glacial Park

Skill Level

Not Applicable

Trail Length

10+ miles of land trails

Waterway Trail

Glacial Park encompasses 3,400 acres of restored open space including prairie, wetlands, oak savanna, and delta kames. Over 400 of these acres are a dedicated nature preserve, and it is home to 40 state-endangered and threatened plant and animal species. Additionally, Glacial Park is ranked as one of the top five locations in the region to view migratory birds. Visitors can enjoy a wide range of activities from horseback riding to hiking to historic site visits.

Currently, Glacial Park is the best way to experience Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge. Hackmatack was designated as a refuge by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in 2012 and will span over 11,200 acres once complete. Hackmatack will be built around existing conservation lands such as Glacial Park. This park is a prime example of the habitat and wildlife Hackmatack aims to protect.

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