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Celebrating National Wetlands Month

It’s National Wetlands Month, and in celebration of these important ecosystems, we are highlighting a few of the major wetland restoration initiatives that Openlands has taken part in in the Chicago region.

Gaining Ground Through Volunteering at Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge

It started with a question, “Why can’t we have a National Wildlife Refuge here?”  and a conversation among dedicated individuals. Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge, which this fall will celebrate ten years since its official establishment, began just like that and has grown to a partnership of many organizations and individuals, including Openlands, and the protection of over a thousand acres and counting, for wildlife and people. 

10 Native Plants to Make Your Property More Climate Resilient

While we cannot undo the effects of climate change already taking place on an individual level we can employ nature-based solutions in our region to support our local ecosystem and mitigate the worst effects of extreme weather. Planting native plants is one of the most immediate and easiest actions you can take to support wildlife and mitigate the effects of climate change on your property and in our region.