60 Years of Conserving Nature for Life

Founded in 1963, Openlands protects the natural and open spaces of northeastern Illinois and the surrounding region to ensure cleaner air and water, protect natural habitats and wildlife, and help balance and enrich our lives. 

A team of individuals dressed in business attire gathering for a photo.

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Map of Illinois counties.

Where We Work

Openlands Service Area

Openlands Priority Landscape

Chicago Wilderness Boundary

Building Blocks of Conservation 

Over Openlands’ 60-year history, Openlands has created a unique toolkit for conservation based on five diverse building blocks: partnering for greater impact, planning and policymaking for systemic change, protecting important landscapes, delivering technical expertise in ecology and restoration, and igniting advocacy momentum. What makes this model work is our ability to leverage, mix, and match these tools strategically to ensure an adaptable approach to conservation.

Building Blocks of Conservation 

Over Openlands’ 60-year history, Openlands has created a unique toolkit for conservation based on five diverse building blocks: partnering for greater impact, planning and policymaking for systemic change, protecting important landscapes, delivering technical expertise in ecology and restoration, and igniting advocacy momentum. What makes this model work is our ability to leverage, mix, and match these tools strategically to ensure an adaptable approach to conservation.

Partnering for greater impact

Challenges in conservation require collaboration and Openlands is committed to building and strengthening a diverse array of partners to advance our mission. Partnerships enable fellow conservation organizations to pool resources and amplify our collective impact. To achieve the scope and reach of our work, we rely on a robust network of partners. At times, we lead initiatives, and at other times, we play a supporting role to our partners.  We engage with public partners such as forest preserve districts, park districts, school districts, and those at the city, regional, state, and federal levels to navigate the complex regulatory landscapes and enact meaningful policy changes. We also rely on community partners to involve us in work that is relevant and uplifts and reflects neighborhood assets.

250+ partner organizations in the greater Chicago metropolitan area

Openlands staff and partners gather for the ribbon-cutting ceremony of Prairie Boat, a new gathering space at the Forest Preserves of Cook County’s Beaubien Woods. The Field Museum, with funding from Illinois Coastal Management, organized a community curatorial committee to create goals and choose designs for this space. Artist Christine Perri designed and built Prairie Boat with funds granted to Openlands from the Walder Foundation.

Planning and policymaking for systemic change

Openlands serves as a pivotal force in shaping policy and planning decisions within the intricate geo-political landscape of the greater Chicago metropolitan area. This region, spanning three states, faces unique challenges with more local units of government than any other metropolitan area in the nation. Often, land use decisions occur within municipal boundaries without a comprehensive coordinating perspective on their regional impacts on ecological health, climate resilience, and biodiversity. Openlands serves as a lynchpin in taking a comprehensive approach to the entire region by fostering collaborations among organizations, government entities, and the public.

The Vote Yes referendum victory will raise $1.1 billion over 25 years for the FPCC

Children playing on the Des Plaines River Trail at the River Trail Nature Center, Forest Preserves of Cook County (FPCC).

Protecting important landscapes

Openlands safeguards both public and private lands through property acquisition and conservation easements. As an accredited land trust with the Land Trust Alliance, Openlands adheres to the highest national standards for excellence and conservation permanence. Our strategic approach involves identifying and purchasing key properties, expanding protected areas, and ensuring their permanent preservation as open spaces, wildlife habitats, and trails. By acquiring and transferring land to public entities like forest preserve districts and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Openlands actively prevents the degradation of ecologically rich areas. Additionally, we support private landowners in protecting significant natural features through conservation easements. This helps further secure landscapes. Openlands remains vigilant against ongoing threats to land, water, and wildlife, collaborating with partners across geographies to oppose projects that could have detrimental impacts on our invaluable natural resources.

70,000+ acres of land protected

A herd of bison grazing at the Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie, a priority landscape for Openlands advocacy and protection efforts. 

Delivering technical expertise in ecology and restoration

Openlands provides vital technical expertise in ecology and restoration to secure and expand diverse habitats throughout the greater Chicago metropolitan area. This region boasts exceptionally varied native vegetation, from bogs to oak savannas to rare grasslands, hosting over 1,500 native species—more diversity than any single national park. Ongoing land protection efforts rely heavily on restoration to combat encroaching invasive species pressure. Openlands’ ecologists provide technical expertise in seed collection, revegetation, prescribed burns, erosion control, and more to restore landscapes back to ecological health and abundance. In addition to restoration projects, our experts conduct species inventories, monitor water quality, and work closely with the scientific community on data collection and research. From coordinating and managing large-scale restoration initiatives to bringing nature back to residential properties, Openlands weaves a connected web of landscapes to preserve biodiversity, enhance water quality, and foster healthier ecosystems.

15,000+ acres restored to a healthy state for nature, wildlife, and people

Openlands staff conducting restoration work at Deer Grove-East, Forest Preserves of Cook County. 

Igniting Advocacy Momentum

Openlands sparks advocacy momentum by educating, empowering, and engaging the public in conservation efforts, making the cause personal and local. Several flagship programs, such as TreeKeepers, have emerged from this commitment to creating a diverse community of advocates across all ages and backgrounds. Garden and nature-based education initiatives involve volunteers, teachers, and students, expanding awareness and instilling a sense of responsibility for the outdoors. The Arborist Registered Apprenticeship program creates a pipeline of green jobs, further showcasing the importance of education and capacity-building in conservation. Openlands recognizes that conservation requires collective action, and our strength lies in empowering everyone to find their role in the conversation, encouraging each individual to see themselves as advocates for a sustainable future.

12,000 students engaged through the Birds in My Neighborhood program

Attendees of the 2023 Green and Growing Summit gather at the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences. The Chicago Public Schools, together with Openlands, the Healthy Schools Campaign, and the Advocates for Urban Agriculture hosted this inaugural summit to strengthen the connectivity of Chicago’s garden education movement. 

Become an Openlander

Donate to make a difference. Your support as an Openlander ensures we can keep connecting people to nature in the Chicago region.

Building Blocks in Action

Drawing on over 60 years of conservation experience, Openlands has developed a set of building blocks that serve as a flexible and dynamic framework. We creatively stack and combine these building blocks to address unique opportunities, challenges, and locales, allowing us to tailor our approach to the needs of each endeavor. The following section showcases a selection of impact stories from 2023 that demonstrate how these building blocks allow us to adapt and innovate to achieve meaningful conservation victories.


Partnering for greater impact

Planning and policymaking for systemic change  

Protecting important landscapes

Delivering technical expertise in ecology and restoration

Igniting advocacy momentum 

Impact Stories

Openlands Lakeshore Preserve Trails
2000s–2023: Openlands Lakeshore Preserve, southeastern Lake County, IL

Partnering for greater impact

Protecting important landscapes

Delivering technical expertise in ecology and restoration

Group of people in blue shirts gathered on the grass.
1991–present: City of Chicago, Cook County, IL

Planning and policymaking for systemic change  

Igniting advocacy momentum 

A serene winter scene of a snow covered stream winding through a forested area.
1991–present: Center for Humans & Nature, Liberty Prairie Reserve, central Lake County, IL

Partnering for greater impact

Protecting important landscapes

A diverse group of individuals standing in a field, gazing at an unidentified birds in the distance.
1963—present: Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie, Will County, IL & City of Chicago, Cook County, IL 

Partnering for greater impact

Protecting important landscapes

Delivering technical expertise in ecology and restoration

Igniting advocacy momentum 

60 Years of Impact

Discover a curated selection of Openlands’ milestones spanning six decades, each leveraging various building blocks of conservation.


Partnering for greater impact

Planning and policymaking for systemic change  

Protecting important landscapes

Delivering technical expertise in ecology and restoration

Igniting advocacy momentum 

Yellow and black flower with yellow frame, vibrant colors, nature-inspired design.

Nature for All

60 years ago, Openlands was founded in response to a national call for more open space in urban areas. Today, we are propelled by new, accelerating challenges. Openlands responds to these challenges with empathy, decisiveness, and vision for a bright and just future. The Nature for All Campaign fortifies Openlands as the region’s open space leader.


Thank you to our generous funding partners who helped to fulfill the mission of Openlands over the past fiscal year, from October 1, 2022 to September 30, 2023. 

* In Memoriam
^ Perennial Donors
: Openlands is grateful to its most loyal donors who have supported us annually for 20 years or more.

$500,000 or more 
Bobolink Foundation 
Hamill Family Foundation 
Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation 
John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation 

The Arbor Day Foundation 
ComEd, an Exelon Company 
Comer Family Foundation 
Crown Family Philanthropies 
Nancy H. Hamill Charitable Lead Unitrust 
The Negaunee Foundation 
U.S. Forest Service 

BMO Harris Bank 
Jo Daviess Conservation Foundation 
Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation 
The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation 
Full Circle Foundation 
Globe Foundation 
Elizabeth Morse Genius Charitable Trust 
Harold M. and Adeline S. Morrison Family
The Morton Arboretum 
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation 
Pepper Family Foundation 
Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation 
U.S. Forest Service— International Programs 
Willow Springs Foundation 

The Bowman C. Lingle Trust 
Illinois Department of Natural Resources 
Lauderback Family Foundation 
Peoples Gas Community Fund at the
     Chicago Community Foundation 
Polk Bros. Foundation 
Solberg Manufacturing Inc.
The Smart Family Foundation of Illinois 

Archer Daniels Midland Company 
G. Carl Ball Family Foundation 
The Buchanan Family Foundation 
Gaylord Donnelley Charitable Trust 
Hoghton Family Charitable Trust 
The Lumpkin Family Foundation 
National Recreation Foundation 
Dellora A. and Lester J. Norris Foundation 
Prince Charitable Trusts 
Dr. Scholl Foundation 
The Siragusa Family Foundation 
U.S. Bank Foundation 
U.S. Forest Service— Great Lakes
     Restoration Initiative

Bartlett Tree Experts 
Chicago Botanic Garden 
Scott Byron & Co., Inc. 
Field Museum 
Good Heart Work Smart Foundation 
The James Huntington Foundation 
LimeRed Studio 
City of Markham 
Meristem Advisors, LLC 
National Philanthropic Trust 
The South Church 
Christy Webber Landscapes 

Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd. 
First Congregational Church of Western Springs
     Woman’s Society 
Forest Preserve District of Will County 
Green Extraction Technologies LLC 
Lake County Forest Preserves 
Liberty Prairie Foundation 

Robert R. McCormick Foundation 
McGraw Foundation 
Jeff & Debbie Ross, Ross Family Foundation
Spiralis Musical Trust 

Baird & Warner 
Francis Beidler III and
     Prudence R. Beidler Foundation 
The Big Cat Foundation 
The Goldblatt Family Foundation 
M. Cooper Heinz
The Joyce Foundation 
The Mayer and Morris Kaplan Family Foundation 
The McDermott Foundation 
Oak Park-River Forest Community Foundation 
STS Foundation 
University of Chicago 
Urban Forestry Organization 

AmazonSmile Foundation 
Eco Promotional Products, Inc. 
Facilitated Solutions International 
Gates Foundation 
Leo S. Guthman Fund 
Illinois Tool Works 
Koya Partners 
City of Lockport
Loyola University Chicago 
Mastercard Impact 
McHenry County Conservation District 
Medtronics Foundation 
Santa Barbara Foundation 
The Student Conservation Association, Inc. 
Tallgrass Restoration 
Taylor Creek Restoration Nurseries 
The Garden Club of Morgan Park/Beverly Hills 
Vyne Medical
Richard L. and Lois S. Werner Family Foundation
Wheeler Kearns Architect

Openlands gratefully acknowledges the following supporters who made contributions of $1,000 or more. 

Shaun & Andy Block ^
James & Elizabeth Bramsen ^
Stephanie Comer & Robert Craigie 
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Hamill
Nancy Hamill Winter ^ 
Louis Schauer* 

Cecil & Frances Cooper*  
Dean & Jenny Fischer 
Fay Hartog-Levin 
William R. Jentes 
Wendy & Hank Paulson ^ 
Charles & Joyce Solberg 
Tor Solberg 

Susan & Steve Bell ^
Bob & Joan Feitler 
Terry Glenn* ^ 
The Crown Goodman Family 
Dan Lauderback & Jennifer Cromheecke 
Carrie C. McNally & Rick Maechling 
Ms. Lois Morrison 
Glenn W. & Barbara Welsh Reed 
Ms. Carey Roberts 
Patricia & Dick Schnadig 
Travis Solberg 
Judith Stockdale & Jonathan Boyer ^
Nancy Sutherland ^
Ms. Nicole S. Williams & Dr. Lawrence J. Becker 

Fred & Cindy Acker ^
Connie & Tony Bischof 
Lynn Buhl 
Jonathan Copulsky & Ellen Barreto* 
Dr. Naomi Donnelley 
Kimberly Duchossois 
Daisy Feidt & Berenice Tow 
Janis Kanter & Tom McCormick 
Martina Keller & Don McLellan 
Mary A. Laraia & Andrew Mooney ^  
Ralph Lerner ^
Mr. Raed Mansour & Ms. Salina Flores
Jeanine & Andrew McNally, IV ^
Shauna Peet ^  
Laura & Ricardo Rosenkranz 
Richard Salmon 
JoAnn Seagren & Scott Lang 
William Spence 

James L. Alexander 
Ms. Jill Allread & Ms. Pam Freese ^ 
Ann & Brian Balusek 
Steven Byers & Nancy Williamson 
Mr. & Mrs. James & Glenda Cartwright 
Garrett & Terrence Dee 
Barbi & Tom Donnelley 
Ceara Donnelley 
Philip Enquist & Joanna Karatzas 
Hugh & Marlene Frisbie 
Daniel & Gloria Kearney Foundation 
Keller Family ^
Barbara & Dennis Kessler ^
Heidi Kiesler 
Suzanne Malec-McKenna 
Ms. Leah Mayers 
Judy & John McCarter ^  
Jim Mikkelsen 
Alexandra & John* Nichols ^  
The Janis Wellin Notz Charitable Fund ^  
Jane Elinor Notz & Ian Watson  
Clare Pinkert 
James & Leslie Rachlin 
George & Vicky Ranney ^  
Alexa Rice 
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Rode 

John Shillinglaw 
Adele Simmons ^ 
Mr. & Mrs. David Byron Smith ^  
Emily & Charles Solberg 
Sarah Solberg Ludden 
Janet Swenson 
Victoria J. Trauscht 
Chris Wu 

Anonymous (3) 
Larry & Julia Antonatos 
Edward & Frances Blair ^
Barbara & George Clark 
George & Alexandra Covington ^  
Matthew & Lynora Dobry 
Shawn M. Donnelley & Christopher M. Kelly ^  
Victoria C. Drake & James Evan-Cook ^  
William Drake & JoAnn Carney 
Richard L.* & Marjorie N.* Ettlinger ^  
Deborah Gillespie & Charles Burbridge 
Patrick & Jessica Hanley 
Todd Henderson 
Paul & Leslie Karas 
Ms. Jill Koski 
Sachin & Sara Master  
Beau Nagan 
Andrew Otting & Laura Hohnhold  
Ms. Marion Parry 
Chris Patnaude 
Eric Peterson , CFP® ^ 
Mr. Daniel Real 
Chris Roberts 
John D. Rogner & Sue Elston 
Charles* & Louise Saltzman 
Carolyn Miller Short ^  
Anne Tucker Family Charitable Fund ^  
Mr. Doug & Mrs. Kim Voigt 
Mr. & Mrs. David B. Waud ^
Ms. Valerie Wheeler 
Paula Wolff 

Gerald W. Adelmann ^  
Mrs. Susan S. & Mr. Lawrence B. Aaron 
JC Aevaliotis & Devon De Mayo 
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Barkhausen ^ 
Frederick N. Bates & Ellen Benjamin ^  
Frank H. Beal 
Thomas E. Beck 
Paul & Karen Becker ^  
Mr. & Mrs. Francis Beidler, III 
Mr. Christopher Binz 
Mrs. Judith S. Block ^  
Nick Bothfeld & Elizabeth Brown 
Mrs. Susan D. Bowey ^ 
Mr. Joseph H. Brennan 
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Bridge 
Tina & Mike Brown 
Allan & Suzette Bulley 
Karen & Michael Buoscio 
Susan & Friedrich Burian 
Suzanne & Bill Clarkin 
Antonia Contro & George Marquisos ^  
Ms. Kathleen Covey 
Peter & Elinor Crane 
Ms. Judith Dainko 
Allison & Frederick Daley ^
Ms. Marjorie David* 
Mr. & Mrs. George W. Davis^  
Mr. Matthew Derov 
Mr. & Mrs. Jay D. Dietz 
William S. Donnell & Claudia Daly ^  
Aidan Donnelley & Bryan Rowley 
Harry & Beth Drucker ^ 
Eliza & Timothy Earle 
Theodore Eckert Foundation 

Keren Eckstein 
Josephine F. Elting ^ 
Dr. Howard Fields 
Sarah Forbes Orwig 
Cynthia K. Fredrick 
Gabriela Freese, DDS 
Jennifer Gardy 
John & Michele Gillett 
Mr. & Mrs. James Glasser ^  
Gregory L. Gleason 
Stanford & Ann Dudley Goldblatt ^  
S.M. Guettler ^
Gabrielle Gustilo 
Mr. & Mrs. James & Kathleen Gysler 
Harmann Family—John & Laila Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation 
Mr. & Mrs. Hall Healy, Winona Corporation ^  
C. Hofmann & Associates ^  
Ms. Mary Honda 
Danielle Hookham 
Vance & Randee Johnson 
Brian Jones 
Judy & John Keller ^  
Eliza & Nathan Kerr 
Ken & Elizabeth Kessler 
Mr. Kerl LaJeune 
Mr. Peter Landon 
Margaret Lass-Gardiner 
Mr. & Mrs. John S. Lillard,
     Red Bird Hollow Foundation
Jessica & Torjus Lundevall 
Kay Mabie 
Mr. & Mrs. James E. Mann ^ 
Ann McDermott ^
Joanie & Andy McKenna* ^ 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Megquier 
Chris & Megan Mellee 
The Michael & Pamela Miles Gift Fund of the
     Ayco Charitable Foundation ^  
Bill & Anita Miller 
Dr. Debra Moskovits 
Mrs. Jossy Nebenzahl ^
Mr. Rommel Noguera & Ms. Michelle Bjelke 
James Noel O’Connor 
Sally A. Olds ^ 
Mr. & Mrs. Dudley Onderdonk 
Ann & Harry Oppenheimer 
The Pick Family Foundation
Charissa Prezzano 
Rita & Bruce Renwick 
Rebecca R. Riley 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Roach 
Joseph Russo & Bebe Novich 
Patrick G. & Shirley W. Ryan 
Mary Jo Savol ^ 
Dan & Sandra Scheinfeld,
     The Big Cat Foundation ^  
Jocarno Fund, at the request of
     Mr.* & Mrs. John I. Schlossman ^  
Nini & Peter Seaman 
Robert & Lynn Seitz 
Susan C. H. Simmers & Clayton R. Simmers 
Mr. Duncan Smith 
Joanne Softcheck 
Lisbeth Stiffel 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Strubel ^  
Mr. Richard Thies 
Mrs. Jeanine Van Nice 
Paul Varnado 
Jane Veldman 
Carol & Brad White 
James Wilson & Pamela Toler 
Joan & Richard Wolff 
Edgar & Carol Yee 
Ms. Jeanne Zasadil 
Dr. Anna Zisman 

Thank you to the following individuals who provide unrestricted support that sustains Openlands’ programs. 

Karen Acker Lau & Te-Li Lau ^
Ron Adams 
Elisa Addlesperger 
Mary H. & Paul F. Anderson ^
Kris & Peter Baldo ^  
Kathy Berger & Louis Schorsch
Spencer & Lesley Bloch 
Debra Brosilow 
Mr. Lawrence Brown 
Ms. Kathleen Bruch 
Meg Bunn 
Rosemarie & Dean L. Buntrock ^
Tom & Dianne Campbell 
Susan & Doug Carlson 
Mr. Jay Clifton 
Lawrence Corry 
Hon. Barbara Flynn Currie 
Ellen Dalton 
Jon A. Daniels ^  
Mr. Bruce Davidson 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Bradley Davis ^  
Laura & Steve Derks 
Amy Dickinson & Jim Futransky 
Mr. Mark & Mrs. Julianne Dieterich 
Leslie S. Douglass 
Peter Draper 
Lisa Dush 
Natasha Egan 
Ms. Kristina Entner 
Terry & Sam Evans 
Ms. Lilly Farahnakian 
Carol & Conrad Fialkowski 
Ginny & Peter Foreman ^  
Mary Alexis Fox 
Marti & Brandon Frisbie 
Paul & Chris Geiselhart 
Virginia & Gary Gerst 
Brian Giegerich 
Bill Glass 
Sue & Bruce Gottschall 
Lou Ann & Larry Grabowski 
Gillian Growdon 
Mrs. Marietta Hance 
Dr. Carole E. Hoffman 
Lynn Hummer ^  
Brad Hunt 
Christy Hunt 
Robert & Saran Hutchins  
Judith & Tony Iacuzzi ^  
Mr. Scott Jamieson 
Mr. Thomas E. Keim 
Anne Ladky & Karen Fishman 
Ashish Lal 
Trinita Logue 
Terry J. Medhurst ^ 
Ms. Lauren Moltz 
Brenda Nelms & John Craig 
Mr. E. Scott Peterson &
     Ms. Judith M. Desenis 
Barbara & Thomas Pfendler 
Susan Piha ^  
Rutherford H. Platt 
Sandi Morris & Bill Pogson 
Ms. Jacquelyn Pope 
Dave & Sara Reusswig 
Ms. Erin C. Rohan 
Ron Rohde ^  
Matt Rooney & Diane Kaplan 
Ms. Amy Rosenthal 
Roger & Dianne Ross 
Bettylu & Paul Saltzman ^ 
Henrietta Saunders 
Kelsay Shaw 
James Silvestro 

Ald. Michele Smith 
Jeff Smith 
Margaret & Kevin Stineman Charitable         Fund at The Chicago Community
Joel F. Studebaker 
Joseph C. Szabo ^  
Mrs. Susan Turnage 
Jennifer & Bob Van Valkenburg 
Elizabeth K. Ware 
Julie & Dan Wheeler, Sol &
     Celia Hammerman Foundation  
Chris & Jodi Wine 
Carolyn J. L. Wing 
Lisa Woolford 
Mr. Ed Zimkus 

Erin Aleman 
Anonymous (2) 
Diane & Bill Allen 
Amanda & Roger Allman 
Joseph T. Alves 
Rita Archibald 
Stephen Baker 
Ms. Elizabeth Barnes 
Peter & Betsy Barrett ^  
Steven & Sandra Becker 
Pat & Jim Bland 
John Blaser 
Patricia Booth 
Paul Botts 
Calvine & Charlie Bowen ^  
Dave & Donna Brandt 
Suzette Bross 
Joel Brown 
Barbara Butz 
Gerald Callaghan & Carol Wells ^ 
Ms. Ellen Carton 
Robert & Suzanne Cash 
Etahn M. Cohen & Amy Paller Cohen ^  
Art Collins & Sophia Shaw 
Nancy & Tom Conforti ^  
Mrs. Sarah Conley 
William Crescent, Crescent Jewelers ^  
Delilah Cuevas 
Mr. & Mrs. Elyse & Andreas Danckers 
Tracy Davis 
Karen Dennis 
Ms. Olga Domchenko 
Dorfman Herst Charitable Fund 
Paul Earle & Ellen Rudnick ^ 
Jo Fessett 
Mrs. Nancy Fishman 
Janet Franz & William Swislow 
Mr. Bernard Friedman 
Ms. Mary Gabryel 
Russell L. Game, Game & Associates 
Ms. Kay Ganser 
Ms. Meredith C. George ^  
Karen Glennemeier 
Annemarie H. Gramm ^  
Mr. Keith Green 
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Thom Greene & Nadeen Kieren 
Jaime Gutshall 
Janet & Tom Hahn ^  
Mr. and Mrs. John Haight, III
Hall & Anne Healy 
Marilyn P. Helmholz 
Jerry M. Herst 
David B. Hirschey ^  
Christy Hunt 
Ms. Celia Hunt 
Tommy Inglis 
Jerome Johnson ^  

Ms. Nancy Juda 
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Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Keibler 
Gary & Susan Klein 
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Ms. Donna Kowatch 
Barth Landor 
Ms. Pauline M. Leblanc 
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Mr. David Lentz 
Rommy Lopat ^  
Margery Martin 
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Neil & Deb McIlvain 
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Ms. Sally Mullan 
Jennifer & Jeremy Mullman 
Kate Murphy 
Catherine Nagler 
Robert & Susan Nelson 
Ms. Kathleen O’Connor 
Ms. Jane J. Ogrodnik 
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Christine Olson 
Openlands Treekeeper #973 
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Ott 
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Ms. Lisl Peterson Fuson 
Frank & Becky Petrek 
Doreen & Robert Pricone 
Tom Priest & Sarah Davis Priest 
Mr. & Mrs. George Benjamin Ranney 
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Ms. Kristina Risvold 
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Paul Genega & James Werkowski 
Brianna White 
Wallace A. Winter & Ellen Ewing 
Ms. Karen A. Witter ^  
Roberta B. Zabel 
James & Katherine Zartman ^  

Thank you to individuals who have made provisions for Openlands in their estate plans to protect nature across the Chicago region for future generations.

Charlotte Adelman
Gerald W. Adelmann ^
Jill Allread Family ^
Gary & Susan Balling
George W. Blossom, III*
Leslie Borns & John Hollister Purcell*
Henry T. Chandler, Jr.*
Bill & Suzanne Clarkin
Cecil & Frances Cooper*
Virginia A. Croan*
Ms. Marjorie David *
Garrett & Terrence Dee
Leslie S. Douglass
Pamela Feldman
Dean & Jenny Fischer
Carlyn E. Goettsch*
Maureen E. Gustafson
Mr. and Mrs. John Haight, III
Mark & Lori Harris
Leslie Jones
Barbara & Dennis Kessler ^
Joyce Martha Kieffer*
Joy E. Knobloch
Carrie C. McNally & Rick Maechling ^
Ms. Marion Parry
Eric K. Peterson, CFP ® ^
Kenneth J. Porrello & Sherry L. McFall
Dr. George B. Rabb*
Steven & Kimberly Ricchio
J. Timothy Ritchie*
Charles* & Louise Saltzman
Mary Jo Savol ^
Louis Schauer*
Gerda Schild*
JoAnn Seagren & Scott Lang
Patrick Shaw* & Mary Sue Glosser
Georgiana Taylor*
Nicole Williams & Dr. Lawrence Becker

Thank you to the following individuals and organizations who donated products or services.

Friends of Hackmatack
Natalie Mills Bontumasi, Good Thomas Design
Beau Nagan, Cantigny Park Foundation
Brian Baker, Davey Tree Experts
Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum
Forest Preserves of Cook County
Garfield Park Conservatory
Jennifer Linton
Ms. Marion Parry

Thank you to the following industry experts who volunteer their time to teach the Openlands TreeKeepers course. TreeKeepers learn how to help keep trees green and growing, volunteering in a variety of situations including street tree care, tree planting, and advocacy.

Jim Battistoni
Tricia Bethke
Beth Botts
Mike Bremer
Vicki Capalbo
Dennis Clarke
Melissa Custic
Peter Czubak
Lindsay Darling
Betsy Elsaesser
Clara Fourcade
Manu Gamez
Luly Guiterrez
Ted Haffner
Drew Hart
Sarah Helding
Alison Herrell
Lindsay Ivanyi
Dan Kuruna
Steve Lane
Phillip Lange
Pauline LeBlanc
Bela Loza
Suzanne Malec-McKenna
Daniel Miravel
Kate Perryman
Nick Peterson
Cassandra Rushing
Jerome Scott
Dan Vavra
Anne West
Brianna White
Joel Zavala

We express our sincere appreciation to the esteemed supporters of the Openlands 2023 Annual Luncheon. This event served as a platform to honor Gerald W. Adelmann, President Emeritus, with the distinguished Conservation Leadership Award.

Diamond Anniversary Sponsor
The Negaunee Foundation

Honoree Emerald Sponsors
Bobolink Foundation
Jo Davies Conservation Foundation
Nancy Hamill Winter ^

Platinum Sponsors
Bartlett Tree Experts
Connie & Tony Bischof ^
Shaun & Andy Block ^
Kimberly Duchossois
Ambassador Fay Hartog-Levin (Ret.)
Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation
Martina Keller & Don McLellan
Mary Laraia ^
Andrew & Jeanine McNally, IV
Morrison Family Foundation
Janis W. & John K. Notz Jr.

Gold Sponsors
Archer Daniels Midland Company
Jill Allread ^
Chicago Botanic Garden
Christy Webber Landscapes
Barbi & Tom Donnelley ^
Field Museum
Dean & Jenny Fischer
Good Heart Work Smart Foundation
Dan & Gloria Kearney
Suzanne Malec-Mckenna
Judy & John McCarter ^
Alexandra C. Nichols ^
George & Vicky Ranney
Carey Roberts
Scott Byron & Co.
JoAnn Seagren & Scott Lang
Adele Simmons
Skidmore, Owings & Merrill

Table Sponsors
Alan Bell
Edward & Frances Blair ^
Richard J. Carlson & Cristina Benitez
Brookfield Zoo
Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd
George & Alexandra Covington ^
Garrett & Terry Dee
Lynora & Matthew Dobry
Philip Enquist
Richard L.* & Marjorie N.* Ettlinger ^
Forest Preserve District of Will County
Gaylord & Dorothy Donnelley Foundation
Patrick & Jessica Hanley
Brooke & Peter Hecht
Connie & Dennis Keller
Lake County Forest Preserves
Howard Learner and the Environmental Law & Policy Center
Main Street Lockport, Inc.
Carrie C. McNally & Rick Maechling
Melcher & Tucker Consultants
Shauna B. Peet ^
James Rachlin, Meristem Advisors
Glenn & Barbara Reed
John Rogner
Laura & Ricardo Rosenkranz
Judith Stockdale & Jonathan Boyer
Nancy Sutherland
The Morton Arboretum
David & Pamela Waud ^

JoAnn Seagren

Alan M. Bell
Vice Chair

Garrett Handley Dee

Glenn W. Reed

Carrie C. McNally
Immediate Past Chair

Jill Allread
Executive Committee

Matt Dobry
Executive Committee

Daisy Feidt
Executive Committee

Martina Keller
Executive Committee

Rommel Noguera
Executive Committee

Lynn Buhl
Board Member

Bill Clarkin
Board Member

Jonathan Copulsky
Board Member

George W. Davis
Board Member

Patrick Hanley
Board Member

Kerl LaJeune
Board Member

Dan Lauderback
Board Member

Raed Mansour
Board Member

Sachin Master
Board Member

James Rachlin
Board Member

Alexa Rice
Board Member

Carey S. Roberts
Board Member

Laura Rosenkranz
Board Member

Anne Tucker
Board Member

Douglas Voigt
Board Member

Nicole S. Williams
Board Member

Chris Wu
Board Member

Shaun C. Block
Honorary Director

Anthony T. Dean
Honorary Director

Marshall Field V
Honorary Director

As of March 1, 2024

Ders Anderson
Senior Trails Consultant

Laura Barghusen
Director of Restoration and Trails

Chris Bourbois
Conservation Ecologist

JoVann Bennett
Arborist Registered Apprentice

Jocelyn Brito
Birds in My Neighborhood Program Associate

Samantha Chavez
Land Management Specialist

Michael Davidson
President & CEO

Janis DiGiovanna
Director of Administration

Michael Dugan
Director of Forestry

Tom Ebeling
Senior Forestry Program Manager

Lupe Escárcega
School Garden Coordinator

Nitsaniyah Fitch
Individual Giving and External Affairs Specialist

Katie Fleming
Senior Forestry Program Manager

Jessica Fong
Director of Education

Mary Fortmann
Landscape Ecologist

Mary Gabryel
Assistant Director of Finance

Jorge García
Birds in My Neighborhood Program Coordinator

Lillian Holden
Regional Water Trails Manager

Monica Jirak
Director of Development

Chris Kessler
Director of Policy

Daniel Kuzlik
Land Preservation Coordinator

Ivy Lo
Senior Accountant

Kimberly Lucas
Administrative and Finance Coordinator

Sydney Mandel
Arborist Registered Apprentice

Joshua Noll
Arborist Registered Apprentice

Alma Olavarría Gallegos
Policy and Advocacy Associate

Maddie Peacher
Forestry Field Supervisor

Daniella Pereira
Chief Operating Officer

Emily Reusswig
Vice President of Conservation and Policy

Molly Roche
TreeKeepers Program Specialist

Tonatiú Rodríguez
Forestry Program Coordinator

Matt Ruhter
Conservation Attorney

Danielle Russell
Green Schoolyards Program Manager

Patrick Schlomas
Executive Administrator and Board Liaison

Craig Shillinglaw
Geographic Information System (GIS) Analyst

Victor Short
Forestry Field Supervisor

Lai Smith
Gift and Data Entry Coordinator

Huan Song
Director of Communications

Paul Spector
Director of Finance and Accounting

Floyd Stewart
Arborist Registered Apprentice

Sarah Surroz
Director of Lake County Programs

Javier Torres
Communications Coordinator

Gerardo Trujillo
Landscaping Specialist

Yamys Urbano Valencia
Bilingual PR & Communications Specialist

Lucia Whalen
Institutional Grants Manager

Nate Whelden
Arborist Registered Apprentice

Gerald W. Adelmann
President Emeritus

Openlands Board Chairs
JoAnn Seagren (2020–present)
Carrie C. McNally (2016–2020)
Rich Carlson (2014–2016)
Jill Allread (2008–2013)
Nancy Sutherland (2004–2008)
Susan S. Bell (2003–2004)
Anthony T. Dean (1999–2003)
Stephen W. Baird (1996–1999)
Thomas Flavin (1994–1996)
Shaun C. Block (1990–1994)
Frederick N. Bates (1989–1990)
H. James Fox (1984–1989)
Arthur W. Berry (1981–1984)
George W. Overton (1978–1981)
Richard L. Ettlinger (1977–1978)
George E. Bullwinkel (1975–1977)
Farwell Smith (1972–1975)
Jeffrey R. Short (1963–1972)

Openlands Presidents & CEOs
Michael S. Davidson (2023–present)
Gerald W. Adelmann (1988–2023)
Peter Coolsen (1986–1987)
Judith M. Stockdale (1978–1986)
April L. Young (1975–1977)
Richard L. Ettlinger (1975)
Larry Christmas (1975)
Gunnar A. Peterson (1963–1975)

CorLands Presidents (1978–2010)
George W. Overton
George Covington
George E. Bullwinkel
H. James Fox
Kenneth V. Fiske
Stephen W. Baird
Richard J. Carlson

CorLands Executive Directors
Judith M. Stockdale (1978–1983)
Thomas Hahn (1984–1999)
Nancy Kaszak (2000–2003)
Robert Megquier (2004–2010)

In 1978, the Corporation for Open Lands (CorLands) was formed as an affiliate of Openlands to provide technical assistance to local governments and private groups for land acquisition and preservation. CorLands merged with Openlands in 2010.

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