2023 Openlands Annual Report Letter from the CEO


Dear Friends,

Openlands and its generations of leaders have long been guardians of nature in our region. I am deeply honored to assume the role of President and CEO of Openlands upon its 60th anniversary and excited to lead this venerable organization into the future.

Openlands believes that conservation is not a one-and-done activity but rather a perennial commitment that takes dedication, adaptability, and expertise. Our tagline, conserving nature for life, exemplifies our ethos that this work is ongoing. I am humbled and deeply grateful to many people who have made our mission their life’s work. Over the course of these six decades, we have honed our own conservation toolkit that informs how we approach opportunities and challenges. These essential building blocks encapsulate the diverse strategies we use to create change and foster progress.

This annual report is organized around these core areas of expertise, providing a comprehensive view of how they have been put to use over the years to achieve milestone conservation wins and lay the groundwork for our endeavors today. Looking at examples from 2023, we showcase how these building blocks can be stacked and combined to achieve success in land preservation, restoration, community activation, and advocacy.

Since joining Openlands, I have seen our tradition of leadership, innovation, and collaboration in action. I had the pleasure of meeting with many of Openlands’ supporters and partners who have contributed to our mission. I am confident in the foundation we’ve built together and optimistic about what our collective efforts can achieve for the future of our region’s wide variety of natural lands and the people who enjoy them.

With gratitude,

Michael Davidson Openlands President CEO

Michael S. Davidson
President & CEO

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