Oak Point to Weber Park


Oak Point to Weber Park

Skill Level

Intermediate To Expert

Trail Length

12 miles

Waterway Trail

Directions: Oak Point is located in Chain O’Lakes State Park, just south of Route 173, approximately 1.2 miles east of the Lake/McHenry county line. Weber Park is located on the east side of Riverside Drive, just south of Broad Street, in McHenry. There are at least three landings with picnic areas and/or restaurants on this route.

Notes: This trip is not recommended for families and beginners because of concentrated motor boat traffic, boat wakes, noise, and large open waters in Chain O’Lakes State Park. The Fox Waterway Agency charges a usage fee, and other fees may be required at private landings. The Fox River Waterway Agency is responsible for maintenance and navigational improvements for motorized and non-motorized use in this section of the water trail.

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