Veterans Island Park Boat Launch to Saw Wee Kee Park


Veterans Island Park Boat Launch to Saw Wee Kee Park

Skill Level

Intermediate To Expert

Trail Length

9 miles

Waterway Trail

Directions: The put-in launch, owned by the Fox Valley Park District, is located in Veterans Island Park in Aurora. The Saw Wee Kee Park take-out is located on Sundown Lane approximately one mile west of the Orchard Road bridge and roughly two miles west of Oswego.

Notes: A unique feature of this stretch is a canoe chute designed to allow safe paddling around the New York Street Dam. The chute opened in 1993, but was badly damaged during floods in 1996 and 1997. The chute reopened in late 1999, after nearly $500,000 in repairs. These costs were shared by the City of Aurora, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and the Forest Preserve District of Kane County. The water trail passes through properties of the Fox Valley Park District, Aurora, Montgomery, and Oswegoland Park District.

Between the two access sites, there are at least six landings or access areas with picnic facilities, playgrounds, nearby hotels and restaurants, and a riverboat casino, in Aurora.

Always check United States Geological Survey (USGS) water data before your trip.

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