Lions Park to McDowell Grove


Lions Park to McDowell Grove

Skill Level

Intermediate To Expert, Or Beginner With An Experienced Guide

Trail Length

8.5 miles

Waterway Trail

Directions: This stretch can be divided into three sections, each one safe and easy for those with some paddling experience. The first section lies between Lions Park on Beecher Avenue in Winfield, only two blocks west of Winfield Road, and Blackwell Forest Preserve canoe launch, on the south side of Mack Road, approximately 0.2 miles east of Route 59, in Warrenville. This shallow, quiet water trail flows through Blackwell and West DuPage Woods Forest Preserves.

The second section continues another two miles from the Blackwell Forest Preserve canoe launch, at Mack Road, to Warrenville Grove Forest Preserve, in Warrenville.

The third section, another two mile stretch, runs between Warrenville Grove Forest Preserve and McDowell Grove Forest Preserve, which is located on the east side of Raymond Drive, approximately 0.3 miles south of Diehl Road, in Naperville.

Notes: Please respect the privacy of riparian landowners and don’t land on private property. Paddlers are advised to avoid this water trail during periods of extreme low water levels.

Always check United States Geological Survey (USGS) water data before your trip.

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