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Open space in our communities is a crucial element to the quality of our lives. They provide necessary space for respite, reflection, and connection with nature and each other. Too often, these natural areas don’t have the capital needed for necessary conservation and beautification projects. That’s where ComEd Green Region is there to support governmental agencies in Northern Illinois. 

The ComEd Green Region Grant Program awards grants up to $10,000 to regional governmental agencies in Northern Illinois to support  their efforts to plan for, protect, and improve natural places in their community. The grant program encourages creativity and collaboration with nonprofits, and focus on our climate resiliency.   

Since the ComEd Green Region Grant Program began in 2013, nearly one million people have benefited from the program’s open space improvements. Over 850 acres of land has been protected and restored, and 6,380 trees have been planted. Through the Program, $1.5 million and counting has been awarded to nearly two hundred conservation projects in Northern Illinois. With the climate crisis posing increasing challenges to our region, the ComEd Green Region Grant Program is meeting them with a new focus on nature-based solutions and supporting pollinator habitats. 

The 2021 ComEd Green Region grant cycle is now closed.

The ComEd Green Region Impact

“The ComEd Green Region grant rescued globally-imperiled northern flatwoods with blue-spotted salamanders and high-quality native plants from an invasion of buckthorn. It transformed what was once a dark impenetrable wood into an open beautiful habitat which the families of the Village of Green Oaks can now enjoy. And as the volunteers worked together they formed friendships and developed a sense of community that continue to care for the land today.”

-Louise Wood and Bryan Muskat, co-leaders of Dorsey Conservation Area in the Village of Green Oaks

Photo by Brandon Hayes

How to Apply

Everything you need to apply for a ComEd Green Region Grant.