Paddling With Maps

Maps can help you stay safe on the water.


Water Trail Orientation

When you are paddling, it is important to keep track of where you are on the water. Knowing where you are in relation to dams, other potential hazards, and the site where you are planning to take your boat out of the water is key to your safety.

One way to keep track of your position is to make a map of your paddling route and take it with you when you paddle. Look for printable maps on individual water trail pages. We are developing these maps for all trail segments, so please check back if you don’t see what you need currently.

Once printed you can put it into a plastic sleeve or even into a large transparent plastic bag. Use the bridges to keep track of your position on the water. Some bridges will have signs on them with the street name, but the majority will not. On many water trails there will be no bridge signage at all.  However, you can count the bridges as you go under them and keep track of how that relates to your position on the map.

Know which side of the river your take out is on and keep an eye out for it after you have gone under your last bridge.  And if you are a beginning paddler or unfamiliar with the trail, you can paddle with an experienced guide and/or someone who knows the route. Also consider getting to know local routes by joining a paddling club and paddling with other club members!

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