Join the #ChiUrbanHike Saturday, September 16

“Hiking” triggers images of winding trails, quiet forests, and unexpected vistas. But nature surrounds us, even in the heart of the city, and is just as compelling. Join us for the 2017 Openlands #ChiUrbanHike, a trek through Chicago’s West Town neighborhood. We’ll be exploring Humboldt Park itself, school and community gardens, parkways, greenways, and all the ways that nature enlivens and enriches our lives as city dwellers, guided throughout by Openlands experts.

The hike starts at Mitchell Elementary School (2233 W. Ohio St.) on September 16 at 2pm, and ends, as all good hikes do, with local beer and snacks at the Boathouse in Humboldt Park from 5-6:30pm. See you then!

Register today!

For more information, please contact or call 312.863.6261.

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