Birds In My Neighborhood

Openlands’ pilot birding program, created with support from Audubon-Great Lakes, is aimed at 2nd to 5th graders and teachers.

Birds in my Neighborhood® is taught by volunteers at Chicago Public Schools that have gardens created through the Building School Gardens program. The goal is to acquaint students and teachers with the common birds in their garden, neighborhood, and city through in-class lessons and field trips. Each student is given a journal as an educational tool with prompts for writing about birds.

Openlands believes school gardens and birds can be the entrée to connect youth with a long-term passion for the environment. School gardens provide almost daily interaction with nature, and Birds in my Neighborhood supports the observation of birds in students’ schoolyards and neighborhood blocks. By understanding more about birds, including how they survive and contribute to the urban environment, students forge a critical connection with nature as it exists in their own communities.