Liberty Prairie Reserve

Liberty Prairie Reserve encompasses nearly 6,000 acres in Lake County, over half of which have been permanently protected as conserved open space through a network of natural landscapes and farmland. Here, a community of advocates and stewards, passionate about conserving land and wildlife, come together to live with a sensitivity towards nature, create a sense of place with the land, and enhance habitat for wildlife on the scale needed to thrive.

Named after a rare native prairie, the Liberty Prairie Reserve was established in 1991 through a comprehensive plan adopted by the Lake County Forest Preserve District, Libertyville Township, and a group of civic-minded private landowners. Today, nature is protected on both public and private properties, as farmland, nature preserves, and forest preserves. With this interwoven network of healthy lands, wildlife, and people, the Liberty Prairie Reserve is truly the heartbeat of conservation in Lake County.

In January 2018, Conserve Lake County merged into Openlands, and we are committed to continuing the work of Conserve in the Liberty Prairie Reserve. With our united capacity, we are better equipped to protect these lands, address traffic concerns, reduce invasive species and soil erosion, steward the native landscapes, and reach out to neighbors to grow our support.

Explore the Reserve

There are several ways to discover and enjoy the mosaic of sites comprising the Liberty Prairie Reserve, and we encourage you to explore the area for yourself!