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In Lake County? Schedule an Appointment with us.

We recognize a growing number of people managing their landscapes in ways that help keep our planet healthy.

If you’re among them, we’d like to honor you with certification and a handsome garden sign. If your property meets the below criteria, schedule an appointment so we can verify this and provide you with your sign. Others will notice and appreciate your actions and leadership. We sure do!

For information on our Lands in Harmony program and nature-friendly landscaping, see

How to Certify if You’re in Lake County

If your property is in Lake County, IL, it needs to meet these criteria to certify:

  • A young oak is present
  • Plants native to northeastern Illinois cover at least 5% of the landscape
  • Lawn chemicals are absent – or rainwater flows through a garden, or other water-absorbing feature
  • Buckthorn is absent – or covers less than 5% of the landscape
  • Schedule your property appointment so we can verify that criteria have been met.

There is a $50 fee, which includes the certification appointment, the garden sign, and, if you desire, an initial consultation appointment.

Certification is good for five years.  

Not in Lake County?

Conservation@Home is a program of The Conservation Foundation and is collaboratively provided by conservation organizations throughout the Chicago region. Each one administers the program in ways tailored to meet its communities’ needs. Find your provider here:

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