Silver Creek Conservation Area

Silver Creek Conservation Area offers wide open views of prairie and savannas, highlighting a mixture of native grasses and colorful wildflowers, including compass plants, coneflowers, and many species of asters.


About Silver Creek Conservation Area

Silver Creek Conservation Area is comprised of several natural communities, including wetlands, prairie, and savannas. Wetlands are areas that are saturated by surface or ground water and have the ability to support aquatic or “water loving” plants. Wetlands provide habitat for more species of plants and animals than any other type of landscape. Prairies are a type of grassland where trees are absent or widely scattered. Savannas are wooded areas with scattered trees and a grassy understory, and are typically transitional communities found between forests and grasslands. The woodlands and savannas feature grand oak and hickory trees that invite a wide variety of songbirds, hawks, and owls to fly among the branches while deer, coyote and an occasional red fox travel below.

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