Coral Woods

Coral Woods represents one of only eight oak groves which remain in McHenry County that contains 100 acres or more of continuous oak woodland.


About Coral Woods

Dominated by a core of century old red and white oaks, the environmental significance of Coral Woods is the protection of these diminishing oak woodlands. This conservation area also boasts the county’s largest sugar maple grove where trees have stood for 80-100 years.

In autumn the brilliant colors of red, orange, and yellow leaves from oaks, hickories, and sugar maples make this a favorite fall hiking spot. In the spring, the woodlands are noted for their spectacular show of spring wildflowers. Sharp-lobed hepatica, Jack-in-the-pulpit, wood anemone, spring beauty, toothwort, and bloodroot give way to wild geranium, blue phlox, and red trillium.

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