Engage in Lands in Harmony

Bring your property into harmony with the Earth through conservation-friendly practices.

Do you value a planet that’s beautiful, resilient, and full of small surprises? Nestled within Lake County’s celebrated natural heritage, your landscape can help. Now it’s easier than ever for your property to look great while protecting both nature and your buildings. Add beauty, value, and privacy in a way that fits your budget, reduces flooding, and supports the rich profusion of indigenous species living here.

Looking for information or advice as you incorporate conservation-friendly practices into your landscape? We can help, whether the land is residential, commercial, or institutional.

Certify Your Property with Conservation @Home

A growing number of people manage their landscapes in ways that help keep the planet healthy. If you’re among them, we’d like to honor you with certification and a handsome garden sign. Others will notice and appreciate your actions and leadership. We sure do!