TreeKeepers Resources

Below we have collected some information to assist certified Openlands TreeKeepers as they work in the field to care for Chicago’s urban forest and our region’s diverse tree populations. We have also including information on how TreeKeepers can adopt trees in the City of Chicago and act as stewards for some of Chicago’s parks (and their respective trees).

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You can view a complete list of Openlands forestry events here.

TreeKeepers Adopting Parks

Openlands TreeKeepers have a variety of ways to get involved in their community beyond the events we host. TreeKeepers looking for a more advanced stewardship role in their neighborhoods are encouraged to join our TreeKeepers Adopting Parks (TAP) initiative. This will be a great opportunity to practice your tree skills and educate your neighbors about tree care. New adopters will receive a special manual and a park walk through with the park supervisor, district forester, and Openlands to help you figure out next steps.

Please email treekeepers@openlands.org if you are interested in adopting a park!

Tree Species You Should Know


Additional Information and Continuing Education Materials

Regional Initiatives 

For any additional information or assistance, please email TreeKeepers@openlands.org.