Gaining Ground

A National Initiative to Advance Private Land Conservation in the U.S.

To strengthen our communities and protect our planet we must increase the pace of land conservation. Openlands has already conserved tens of thousands acres of land, contributing to the more than 60 million acres protected by the nation’s land trusts to date. With your help, as part of #GainingGroundUSA with the Land Trust Alliance, we aim to do our part to help preserve another 60 million acres by the end of this decade. 

Alongside land trusts across the country, Openlands is committed to continue gaining ground in the Chicago metropolitan region, so that we can all have better lives, stronger communities and a healthier planet. From conserving land and water at Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge to increasing access to nature along the Little Calumet River, there are ways for you to take part. Together, let’s keep Gaining Ground.   

Want to be a part of the change?

There are many ways you can be a part of the movement. Increase your knowledge by signing up for Openlands monthly newsletter and action alerts to stay updated on ways you can take action for nature and engage in opportunities to volunteer across the region. You can also donate to Openlands, supporting our diverse programs and initiatives that help us keep gaining ground, advancing nature-based solutions to climate change.

Learn more about the power of land trusts across the nation and how you can help at GainingGroundUSA.org.

Learn more about ways Openlands is gaining ground in the region:

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