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The Openlands Annual Luncheon the foremost gathering of the conservation community in our region. In 2023, nearly 1,000 influential individuals attended, including elected officials, civic and environmental leaders, and community partners. Join Openlands for the 2024 Annual Luncheon, where we unite under the banner of “Conserving Nature for Life.” The 2024 event promises another unforgettable experience.

Benefits of sponsorship

Elevate your brand’s visibility while supporting conservation efforts by exploring our diverse sponsorship opportunities at the 2024 Annual Luncheon.

2024 Openlands Annual Luncheon

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This year, we honor Arnold L. Randall with the esteemed Gerald W. Adelmann Conservation Leadership Award, celebrating his unwavering dedication to preserving our natural landscapes. Arnold’s tireless efforts as a transformative leader at the Forest Preserves of Cook County have not only safeguarded our precious habitats but have also laid the foundation for a sustainable future, ensuring the vitality of our region’s people and natural environments.

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We are also thrilled to welcome Dr. J. Drew Lanham as our keynote speaker. A beacon of wisdom in the field of environmental stewardship, Dr. Lanham, an accomplished author and distinguished professor of Wildlife Ecology at Clemson University, will illuminate the vital connection between conservation and the well-being of all life forms.

Gloria Castillo

Gloria Castillo is a pioneering advocate for diversity, inclusion and social and economic justice through the lens of business. She is regarded as an active and outspoken inclusion advocate in the Chicago business community. She speaks on a broad range of diversity and inclusion topics including, inclusive leadership, advancing diversity in the corporate environment, successful minority business development strategies.She is the founder of CMC Enterprises, LLC, an airport concessions firm and joint venture partner with Hudson Group at O’Hare International Airport.

Steve Koch

Steven Koch is the managing partner of Bowline Group, LLP. He was the Co-Executive Chairman and interim CEO of Motivate, a leading bike-share company, and served as Deputy Mayor of Chicago from 2012 to 2017. Koch spent 27 years at Credit Suisse, where he co-chaired the global M&A business. He has a long history of civic engagement and serves on numerous boards, including the Chicago Community Trust and the Joyce Foundation. He holds a BA from Hampshire College and both an MBA and JD from the University of Chicago.

Table Sponsorship Opportunities

Premiere Table Sponsorship ($50,000)

Receive two high-visibility tables and a private, behind-the-scenes tour of an Openlands project for 10 participants. Your sponsorship will be gratefully acknowledged in multiple ways at the event, as well as before and after.

Emerald Table Sponsorship ($25,000)

Receive one high-visibility tables for your guests. Your sponsorship will be gratefully acknowledged in multiple ways at the event, as well as before and after.

Platinum Table Sponsorship ($10,000)

Receive one tables for your guests. Your sponsorship will be gratefully acknowledged in multiple ways at the event, as well as before and after.

Gold Table Sponsorship ($5,000)

Receive one table for your guests. We will recognize your support in multiple ways at the event.

Silver Table Sponsorship ($3,000)

Receive one table for your guests, with your name included for recognition in our digital and print program booklets.

Other Sponsorship Opportunities

Speaker Sponsorship ($7,000)

With this opportunity, your support will be acknowledged in the spoken introduction to the speaker, Dr. J. Drew Lanham, and your logo will be featured on its own slide.
1 available

Name Badge Sponsorship ($6,500)

Your logo will be included on name badges worn by all guests, providing excellent visibility throughout the luncheon.
2 available

Decor Sponsorship ($4,000)

Your brand’s logo will adorn each table, creating a visually stunning atmosphere.
1 available

Coat Check Sponsorship ($2,000)

Your brand will be prominently featured on coat check signage, ensuring visibility to all attendees.
1 available

Advocate Sponsorship ($750)

This sponsorship includes one ticket for yourself and one for an Openlands constituent. Your name will be prominently featured for recognition in our digital and print program booklets

Summary Table of Sponsor Benefits

| Animal           | Description                                                                                  |
| African Elephant | The largest land animal, known for its intelligence, strong social bonds, and distinctive tusks. |
| Bengal Tiger     | A powerful predator with striking orange and black stripes, native to the forests of India.   |
| Bald Eagle       | A bird of prey with a white head and tail, known as a symbol of strength and freedom in the US. |
| Giant Panda      | An endangered species with distinctive black-and-white fur, native to China's mountain ranges. |
| Amazon River Dolphin | A freshwater dolphin with a pink hue, found in the Amazon River and known for its high intelligence. |
| Komodo Dragon    | The largest living lizard species, found in Indonesia, with a diet that includes large prey and carrion. |
| Red Kangaroo     | The largest kangaroo species, native to Australia, known for its powerful legs and hopping ability. |
| Emperor Penguin  |

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Thank you to our sponsors who made our 2023 Annual Luncheon possible.

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The Openlands 2024 Annual Luncheon

The Openlands 2024 Annual Luncheon honors Arnold L. Randall and welcomes distinguished keynote speaker Dr. J. Drew Lanham.

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