Chicago Region Trees Initiative

In July 2014, The Morton Arboretum and Openlands initiated a regional collaborative effort to protect and improve the Chicago Region urban forest—all the trees within the seven counties around Chicago. The Chicago Region Trees Initiative (CRTI) began by identifying specific challenges faced by our urban forest and its managers and developed a plan to overcome those challenges and needs by 2050.

CRTI is managed by an Executive Advisory Council to represent the interests of the region’s stakeholders. Working groups address specific challenges to the Chicago Region’s trees and communities. Learn more on their website and search their interactive canopy map to see what the tree canopy is for your neighborhood and block.

Advocacy & Strategic Initiatives

Openlands Urban Forestry programs work on dynamic levels to enact change in individuals, communities, and public policy in the city and region. Policy and advocacy like the Urban Forestry Advisory Board create larger structural opportunities to increase access to the health, community, and economic benefits that trees provide. Partnership and strategic initiatives like the Chicago Region Trees Initiative create long term collaboration that extend Openlands work to the entire Chicago region.