Sun Lake Forest Preserve

Sun Lake Forest Preserve features a mosaic landscape of oak woodlands and wetlands, including an outstanding example of an Illinois glacial lake for which the site is named. 


About Sun Lake Forest Preserve

The preserve’s 25-acre Sun Lake empties into the headwaters of Sequoit Creek. A 57-acre portion of the property extends north of Grass Lake Road, providing protection for Sequoit Creek as it flows through the preserve into East Loon Lake. Surrounding the lake are Advance Identification (ADID) wetlands, grasslands, and oak woodlands.

Through staff and volunteer efforts, more than 100 acres of prairie have been planted in the former agricultural fields. Natural water levels are being restored in the site’s indigenous wetlands. Invasive plants have been removed and native seed planted. Additional plantings of prairie and wetland vegetation, and hundreds of native trees and shrubs provide valuable habitat for wildlife and rare plant species that occupy the preserve.

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