Paul Douglas Forest Preserve

With sweeping grasslands teeming with wildlife and birds and an expansive trail system, Paul Douglas Forest Preserve is perfect for a day spent outside.


About Paul Douglas Forest Preserve

At more than 1,800 acres, Paul Douglas Forest Preserve fits right in with the other big forest preserves of northwest Cook County. Birders have been drawn to the area for decades, thanks to the large open grasslands and wetlands, complete with heron rookery, that provide ample breeding grounds for important birds. A favorite of cyclists, the preserve’s 7.2-mile paved trail encircles the preserve.

Paul Douglas offers opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts and active adults. Accessible at several points along its length and less busy than some bike trails at nearby preserves, Paul Douglas’ 7.2-mile paved trail is great for a quiet and gentle bike ride, in-line skate, hike or cross-country ski. The trail connects to Crabtree Forest Preserve, about a mile west, via the Algonquin Trail.

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