Nippersink Canoe Base

Situated along the southern banks of Nippersink Creek, the 377-acre conservation site is home to a variety of natural communities including savanna and woodland, marsh, fen and sedge meadow.


About Nippersink Canoe Base

The Nippersink Creek and its wetlands support a thriving diversity of fish, frogs, and other aquatic creatures. Water fowl and other wading birds can be seen along the shorelines in addition to a myriad of native wetland plants and prairie wildflowers.

Once overgrown and choked by invasive brush, Nippersink Canoe Base now boasts a gallant oak and hickory grove where sun dapples the woodland floor. A small shelter provides a brief respite and lunch spot after a morning canoe ride, while a creekside fire pit and a short looped nature trails offers visitors additional ways to enjoy the scenic site.

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