Marl Flat Forest Preserve

Marl Flats is home to high quality wildlife habitat and native plant communities in wetlands around the lake. While there are no preserve trails here, Marl Flat does provide trailhead parking for the regional Millennium Trail system.


About Marl Flat Forest Preserve

Marl Flat was named after a rare geological feature found at the preserve. Marl flats are distinct features of a fen, which is a type of wetland. These areas have flat soils that are high in minerals and calcium cabonates derived from alkaline groundwater.

Other natural features of the preserve include an interior pond and rolling hills that offer beautiful views. The lake and wetlands are used by a wide variety of waterfowl including black terns and yellow-headed blackbirds.

It also features woodlands dominated by bur oaks and wetlands. Proper restoration is helping to revitalize the woodlands and enhance wildlife habitat throughout the preserve.

The preserve boundary has extensive frontage on Fish Lake Road, which will help maintain the scenic quality of this country-like road.

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