Des Plaines State Fish and Wildlife Area

A tranquil setting, flowing rivers, natural prairie land, recreation, and trails - the Des Plaines Fish and Wildlife Area has it all.


About Des Plaines State Fish and Wildlife Area

Visitors will delight in the abundance of wildlife, restful picnic areas and variety of sportfishing species. Farmland and woodland, prairie and swamp, still water and shoreline offer unlimited opportunities for nature lovers and sportsmen.

Eighty acres of the Des Plaines SFWA are dedicated as the Des Plaines Dolomite Prairies Land and Water Reserve, which contains many remnants of the Illinois’ natural prairie. The preserve is managed to protect and perpetuate this prairie heritage for future generations. Visitors are encouraged to view this area, but are reminded that all plants and animals within the nature preserve are protected and are not to be disturbed in any way.

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