Cuba Marsh Forest Preserve

It would be hard to find a prettier blend of marsh, woodland, and grassland in Lake County than Cuba Marsh.


About Cuba Marsh Forest Preserve

One of the best things about Cuba Marsh is its diversity, combining marsh and prairie with woodland and savanna. As a result, a wide range of plants and animals make their homes here. The wetland supports many species and is a great spot to view waterfowl such as pied-billed grebes and American coots. It also provides flood relief to nearby homes and cleanses the water that flows into Flint Creek and eventually the Fox River.

A unique dry-hill prairie on the preserve’s southeast side is supports rare plants. Though the rest of Cuba Marsh was farmed at one time, plows luckily never reached this prairie. Much work has gone into restoring this preserve, including the removal of drainage tiles and non-native invasive species, and replanting of more than 80,000 trees.

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