Bobolink Meadow Land and Water Preserve

Bird lovers will enjoy a trip to one of the region's best birdwatching destinations at Bobolink Meadow.


About Bobolink Meadow Land and Water Preserve

Once an agricultural area, Bobolink Meadow is now home to an increasing variety of native plant and bird species as restoration efforts open up the landscape and encourage natural habitat.

Since 2008, Openlands has managed restoration at Bartel Grassland Land and Water Reserve and at the newly-designated Bobolink Meadow Land and Water Reserve, which is located at Tinley Creek Wetlands. Together, they have become high-quality habitat for birds and a birding destination for the region. The two nearby sites are both in proximity to Orland Grassland Land and Water Reserve, another legacy project of Openlands, which has created a network of pristine grassland and wetland habitats in southern Cook County.

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