Arthur J. Janura Forest Preserve

Within its 4,366 acres of trails, prairies, oak woodlands and ponds, Arthur Janura offers something for every visitor.


About Arthur J. Janura Forest Preserve

The large and well-rounded Arthur Janura Forest Preserve in Hoffman Estates offers as many activities as it has names. Visitors may know the area or sections of it as Poplar Creek, Shoe Factory Road Woods or Carl Hansen Woods, but no matter what one calls this 4,366-acre complex of trails, restored prairies, oak woodlands and ponds, there’s something for everyone. While nearby preserves may offer more tranquility, nothing beats Arthur Janura for family-friendly and accessible nature.

Arthur Janura Forest Preserve is ideal for families and people seeking outdoor exercise. Twenty-one miles of paved and unpaved trails entreat visitors to rollerblade, horseback ride, bike, and hike across the hilly terrain. Sloping mowed fields offer ideal kite-flying spaces that double as serene picnic spots, while picturesque picnic groves offer more structure and shelter.

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