Openlands has long recognized that individual, isolated parcels of open space won’t function well unless connected within a system of open space corridors known as greenways. These greenways provide healthier habitat for flora and fauna and richer outdoor experiences for people. Openlands introduced the vision of a greenways system to our region in 1990 and has since focused on achieving it through policy and planning initiatives, land acquisition, restoration projects, and advocacy.

What exactly is a greenway? 

  • Greenways differ in their location and function. They may range from narrow corridors of undeveloped landscape that run through urban and suburban development to wide corridors that incorporate diverse natural and cultural features.
  • Greenways can be land or water based.
  • Greenways can incorporate public or private land, or a mixture of both.
  • Some greenways are primarily recreational, while others function almost exclusively for environmental protection.
  • Overall, a greenway network will protect natural and cultural resources, provide private or public recreational opportunities, and enhance the natural beauty and quality of life in a community.