High Point Conservation Area

Perched in the center of a three-mile radius, High Point Conservation Area boasts the highest glaciated point in Illinois at 1,189’ above sea level.


About High Point Conservation Area

This 253 acre oak and hickory savanna and ephemeral wetland complex mix, located between Reese and Wright Roads in Alden Township, creates attractive habitat for many savanna and declining grassland bird species, such as the bobolink and meadowlark. Fifty-two species of birds, hawks and waterfowl have been spied within its boundaries, including Sandhill Cranes, snipes, wood ducks, killdeer, American woodcock, Baltimore Orioles and barred owls.

High Point Conservation Area provides hikers with a quite respite from which to enjoy the outdoors. Roughly 1.25 miles of looped nature trails provide ample opportunity for visitors to appreciate the scenic views and observe wildlife in the woodlands and meadows.

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