Belmont Prairie Nature Preserve

Get a glimpse of Illinois' nickname namesake at Belmont Prairie in Downers Grove.


About Belmont Prairie Nature Preserve

Belmont Prairie is one of the last original prairies in Illinois. It is an excellent example of one of the few remaining natural prairie habitats that is maintained by the Downers Grove Park District. The efforts of DuPage have been rewarded by the Prairie’s official designation by the State as an Illinois Nature Preserve, supporting more than 300 species of plant and animal wildlife. It is an excellent educational and cultural resource for the benefit of District residents and visitors from farther afield. The Prairie contains a wide variety of quadra-seasonal grasses and other plants in an undisturbed setting. The animal wildlife that may be observed includes fox, raccoons, meadow voles, opossums, ground squirrels, garter snakes and, occasionally, coyote and white-tailed deer. A nature trail provides pedestrian access. The prairie is served by a 6 car parking lot located on Cross Street.

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