Gompers Park

Gompers Park straddles the Chicago River and features rehabilitated wetlands and a lagoon with pier access that lends itself to many environmental activities.


About Gompers Park

Gompers Park hosts a Uban Camp and Under Illinois Sky, Family Campout, River Rescue Clean-up, as well as stewardship and gardening opportunities.

In addition to an outdoor pool, Gompers Park has a playground, three junior baseball fields, one football field, one basketball courts, five tennis courts, a roller hockey-skating area, and a spray pool. Inside the fieldhouse are several activity rooms, a gymnasium, and an auditorium with a stage.

The park’s natural areas include native woodland, wetland, upland, and lagoon habitats within Gompers Park. This site offers a fishing lagoon fed by a prairie stream water feature, as well as a more naturalized wetland.

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