Winnebago to Freeport

Section 7:

This section of the GIT straddles the Pecatonica River valley and is characterized by long rolling hills, rural roads, and corn, soybean and wheat fields. Pecatonica is a thriving small town with nice camping opportunities nearby. Freeport, the main town along the route is best known for its role in the Lincoln-Douglas debates.

Go Direction On Distance (mi)
Start: Winnebago village center at Benton St and Main St
N Benton St 0.5
L W McNair Rd to right and left turn at 0.7 miles. After the turn, McNair becomes Comly Rd 4.2
R N Conger Rd (Continue west on Comly Rd) 2.7 miles to Seward Bluffs Forest Preserve if camping is desired. From Seward Bluffs, return east on Comly to Jackson St, turn north, 2.5 miles to Pecatonica). 1.3
L W Pecatonica Prairie Path into Pecatonica. Camping at Sumner Park 0.2 mile farther west on path. 2.4
L S Pecatonica Rd into business district 0.4
R W Seventh St (becomes Sumner Rd) 3.6
R N Farwell Bridge Rd to Pecatonica Prairie Path 0.5
L W Pecatonica Prairie Path 5.7
R N Dakota Rd 0.5
L W River Rd/Stephenson St to Henderson Rd (NE corner of downtown Freeport) 4.2