Tree-Mendous Tree Stories

A project of The Morton Arboretum and Openlands.

Thanks to their breathtaking color, fall is a time when people naturally pay attention to trees. But trees play an important role in our lives throughout the seasons, offering beauty, shade, and for many, heartwarming memories. If you have a special connection to a tree, or a tree you remember from childhood or that has a significant meaning to you, add your story to Tree-mendous Tree Stories, a website highlighting Chicago-area residents’ unique connection to trees.  Submit your story to tree-stories.org during the month of October to be entered to win a 4-pack of tickets to Illumination: Tree Lights at The Morton Arboretum or a complimentary TreeKeepers course! Winning stories will also be featured in email and on social media.

Share your story today by visiting Tree-Stories.org.

Learn more about Openlands’ TreeKeepers program and our community tree planting grants.