Reducing Urban Flooding

Through our Space to Grow © partnership, Openlands and Healthy Schools Campaign are working with Metropolitan Water Reclamation District, Chicago Public Schools, and the City of Chicago’s Department of Water Management to transform underutilized schoolyards into lush gardens and safe playgrounds for students, families, and community members. Students, staff, parents, and community members are invited to participate in the inclusive planning process and provide input, allowing for the unique needs and vision of the entire school community to be communicated and addressed in the design of their schoolyard.

Among the most pressing needs for these communities are plans to reduce urban flooding. Space to Grow schoolyard designs incorporate stormwater management features including rain gardens, cisterns, runnels, and permeable materials, such as permeable asphalt, turf, and playground surfacing, to capture runoff and reduce flooding. Because of these new amenities, we have fewer basement backups, less stormwater flowing into our sewers, reduced flooding, and ultimately less pollution and sewage discharged into our waters. The first 14 of 34 schools are designed to hold 2.4 million gallons of stormwater on-site. Grissom Elementary school alone held all of the 250,000 gallons when 9.5 inches of rain fell. That is the equivalent of 10,000 bathtubs of water. The program receives national recognition as a model for other cities to leverage public and private partnerships for a multitude of community benefits.

In 2014, Openlands, with assistance from Conservation Design Forum, studied how community and school gardens in flood-prone Chicago neighborhoods can slow, clean, and reduce stormwater runoff that runs into city sewers and ultimately flows into Chicago’s waterways.

Full Report: Community-Based Green Infrastructure Solutions – Changing How We Manage Stormwater

Executive Summary: Community-Based Green Infrastructure Solutions – Changing How We Manage Stormwater

To learn more about our Space to Grow partnership, please contact schools@openlands.org or call 312.863.6153.