Community Gardens

Openlands believes that community gardens are a great way to connect people to nature. Converting vacant lots into gardens provides an opportunity for community residents to join together to beautify their neighborhood in a cost efficient and accessible way.

For decades, Openlands has worked with residents to identify, create, and support gardens in communities primarily on the south and west sides of Chicago. These 145 once vacant lots turned gardens range from sitting gardens full of ornamental flowers and trees to habitat gardens supporting insects, butterflies, and birds to food growing allotment gardens.

Openlands offers training to people interested in organizing a community garden twice a year in English and once a year in Spanish. Workshops are held in different locations within Chicago.

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Community Garden Workshops

The Openlands gardener training program consists of a series of workshops that are offered throughout the calendar year with class and field components.

Talleres para Jardines Comunitarios

El programa de capacitación para jardineros de Openlands consiste en una serie de talleres que se ofrecen a lo largo del año con componentes de clase y campo.