Openlands Native Plant Sale

The Openlands Native Plant Sale has sold out and the pop up shop is now closed! We can’t thank everyone enough for their support of the plant sale. We enjoyed seeing and catching up with so many friends and we are encouraged knowing that proceeds from the sale will strengthen our efforts in Lake County. It is thrilling to see how many passionate conservationists will be supporting local wildlife on their property.

Residents of Lake County can still support nature on their land through the Conservation@Home program. Take advantage of a free, no-obligation consultation by one of our expert ecologists to find ways to support songbirds, butterflies, and more in your landscape.

And when you get your plants in the ground, be sure to share your pictures with us on Facebook and Instagram, and thank you again for supporting Openlands!

Continuing the work of Conserve Lake County, Openlands is pleased to offer a the popular Native Plant Sale in Lake County, Illinois.

Through the Native Plant Sale, you can purchase trees, shrubs, flowers, ferns, and other plants for your home and property both online and at an on-site store. The plant sale can further complement the award-winning Conservation@Home program, which helps property owners support the health of people, pets, and wildlife while retaining their desired aesthetics features.

Proceeds from the Native Plant Sale will support Openlands programs such as restoration of the Liberty Prairie Reserve, Conservation@Home, and regional advocacy work. For more information, please contact