Bunker Hill to River Park


Bunker Hill to River Park

Skill Level

Beginner To Intermediate (Depending On Water Level & Obstructions)

Trail Length

6.55 miles

Waterway Trail

Directions: Enter Bunker Hill Forest Preserve on the west side of Caldwell Avenue (Route 14) at Tonty Street in Chicago. Make the first left turn into the south parking lot and go to the end of the lot. Follow the path at the south end of the turnaround to the footbridge over the North Branch. The put-in is on either side of the footbridge.

The take-out is on river right just upstream of the control dam that marks the end of the natural section of the North Branch in River Park.

Notes: A longer trip can be had by portaging around the dam and continuing 2.28 miles downstream to the Clark Park Canoe Launch. River Park offers events for paddlers.

The first section of this trip passes through the 160 acres granted to Billy Caldwell, also known as Sauganash. Caldwell was one of the three Pottawatomi signers of the 1835 Treaty of Chicago which removed all local indigenous tribes to west of the Mississippi River.

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