Old Plank Road Trail to Eggers Woods

Section 18:

The GIT follows the Old Plank Road Trail and Burnham Greenway through the South Suburbs. It traverses Thorn Creek and the Calumet region which has one of Illinois’ richest concentrations of high quality natural areas. You continue into Chicago through a historic region of American industry. Today the Calumet region is transforming into a area of new industry and eco-tourism.

Go Direction On Distance (mi)
Start: Old Plank Road Trail at Wolf Rd
E From Wolf Rd continue east:
2.0 mi to Frankfort village center
10.5 mi to Matteson village center at Main St crossing
12.0 mi to Logan Park/Orchard St in Park Forest, exit trail 12.0
L N Orchard Dr 0.5
R E/N London Dr 0.3
R E Paris Rd to end 0.1
L N Corinth Rd 0.2
R E 207th St 0.8
R S Travers Ave 0.3
L E 209th St/12th St 0.6
L N Scott Ave 0.3
R E 10th St 0.7
L N Chicago Rd 0.1
R E Parkside Ave 0.5
L N Union Ave 0.2
R E 7th Pl 0.1
L N Lowe Ave 0.3
R E Eastgate Ave 0.3
R S Stewart St 0.1
L NE/N Bike trail through Cook County Forest Preserve to first cross street (Glenwood Rd) 1.9
R E Glenwood Rd 0.3
R SE Main St 0.5
E Glenwood/Lansing Rd to Cottage Grove Ave intersection at NE corner take Forest Preserve Trail (Thorn Creek Trail) 0.8
E, N Thorn Creek Trail (winding) to parking lot on 186th St 3.6
R E 186th St 0.3
L N Chicago St to end of street 1.3
L W 175th St, go north under I-80 bridge and continue north to Bernice Rd 0.3
R E Bernice Rd (Go left/west 2 blocks to motels, if needed). 0.2
L N Chicago Ave 0.5
L W 170th St 0.2
R N Burnham Greenway (gravel for first ½ mile to Little Calumet River Bridge) 2.5
R E Sibley Blvd (careful!) 0.5
L N Burnham Ave (recommend walking bike over bridge on sidewalks—low guard rail) 0.8
L W 143rd St 0.1
R N Mackinaw Ave (Look for parrot nests) 0.5
R E Greenbay Ave 0.1
L N Burnham Ave 0.7
R E 135th St 0.1
L N Ave N to William Powers Conservation Area Park office entrance 0.7
N Follow park road along Wolf Lake shore, to first left, then right to Burnham Greenway (north trail unit). 1.0
N Burnham Greenway to 112th St 1.6