North Cordova to Hennepin Canal Trail

Section 12:

Bike through the last great stretch along the Mississippi River, then head east along a low lying landscape once flush with glacial meltwater when the Mississippi drained into today’s Illinois River valley. The Hennepin Canal took advantage of this low elevation, but quickly failed when the railroads out-competed it. Good thing though, it’s a great bike trail corridor.


Go Direction On Distance (mi)
Start: 178th Ave and the Great River Trail North of Cordova
S Great River Trail to Trail End 1.4
R W 3rd Ave 0.2
L S 9th St 0.2
R W Main Ave 0.4
L S 3rd St to Great River Trail 0.9
S Great River Trail—4.6 miles to Port Byron, 1.8 miles to Rapid City, 2.8 miles to entry drive west to lock and dam #14, 1.8 miles to Hampton 1.9 miles to Campbell’s island causeway, 1 mile to the Beacon Harbor Welcome Center in East Moline. 13.9
L S Unnamed trail (built August 2004) which veers left in front of Beacon Harbor Welcome Center to trail end on 7th St 0.8
L S 7th St over railroad tracks to 15th St, a loading zone behind commercial buildings 0.1
L E 15th Ave for 3 blocks 0.2
L N 10th St across tracks 0.0
R E 14th Ave, paralleling tracks on north side 0.2
R S 13th St, back across tracks 0.0
L E 15th Ave, 2 blocks to its end 0.2
R S to Rte 92 (busy street) 0.0
L E Rte 92 to 7th St (at library) 0.6
R S 7th St 0.3
L E 4th Ave 0.3
R S 12th St 0.1
L E 5th Ave 0.3
R S 17th St 0.6
L E 30th Ave/cross town, cross Rte 5 at light 0.1
L N 18th St 0.3
R E 10th Ave 0.3
R S Pleasant Ave 0.1
L E Valley View Dr, downhill, left turn to Rte 84/ 2nd Ave 0.3
R S Rte 84/2nd Ave (busy street) 0.1
L E Jay St 0.1
R S Lily Ave 0.1
L E State St 0.2
R S 1st Ave 0.7
R W 10th St 0.1
L S 2nd Ave to stoplight 0.2
L E Colona Rd and bridge over the Rock River 1.1
R S 7th St in village of Green Rock to end of street 0.5
L E 5th Ave 0.1
R S 5th St (bridge 42) to Hennepin Canal Trail 0.1
L E Hennepin Canal Trail to bridge 37 (Rte 82, 2 miles north of Geneseo) 10.9