Land Conservation

Land trusts across the country are engaging local communities to conserve the lands we all treasure, from woodlands and prairies to rivers, lakes, and wetlands. Land conservation protects habitats and migratory paths for threatened plant and animal species. By protecting and restoring the land, we ensure clean water, expand public access to open space, and build resiliency against a changing climate.

Conservation of public and private lands in the Chicago region also yields economic benefits and improvements in green infrastructure. One study found that every $1 invested in restoration of conserved land results in a $8 return. Activities related to outdoor recreation, eco-tourism, and natural resource conservation, and historic preservation are estimated to contribute over $1.06 trillion annually to our national economy.

As Chicago’s regional land trust, Openlands embraces the land ethic. From establishing city parks to protecting and stewarding large-scale landscapes across the region, Openlands values the land, and we work with partners across northeastern Illinois to protect open space permanently.

Caring for the Land You Love

Through the Conservation@Home program, Openlands offers a free, one-hour, no-obligation ecological landscape consultation to help Lake County land owners identify ways to care for the land they love.

Native Plant Sale

Through the Native Plant Sale, you can purchase trees, shrubs, flowers, ferns, and other plants for your home and property both online and at an on-site store.

Conservation Easements

Conservation easements provide assurance that beloved places be protected in perpetuity, creating a lasting legacy for our future generations.

Land Trust Services

As an accredited land trust, we apply best practices in land protection transactions and offer decades of experience in conserving the green spaces of the Chicago Wilderness region for all to enjoy.

Acquisition and Planning

Openlands advances regional land conservation through open space planning and by supporting land acquisitions.