Waukegan Greenscape Project

We thank the residents and the City of Waukegan for welcoming 150 new trees into the community! These trees have a retail value of $530, add beauty and value to your property, and bring shade and clean air to your yard!

The Waukegan Greenscape Project is successfully completed and Openlands is no longer able to accept applications.

If you have a newly planted tree on your property, it is critical that you keep it well-watered and mulched during the first few years of its establishment period.

How to care for a tree after planting:

Water the tree once a week, from May through October, for three years.

  • You will receive a free 5-gallon bucket.
  • Once a week, fill it three times with clean water.
  • Slowly pour the water into the ground under the branches.
  • Don’t let anyone use the bucket for anything other than clean water, or you could harm the tree.
  • If it rained during the week, check if it rained enough to skip watering. If you can easily push a screwdriver into the soil under the tree, there is no need to water that week. Don’t poke the tree’s roots.

Mulch the tree once a year, for at least three years.

  • Your tree will be mulched when it is planted, so you can skip the first year, but notice how it was applied in an even circle that does not touch the trunk. This protects both roots and trunk.  
  • Next year, apply 2-3 inches (1 bag) of new mulch evenly around the tree, loosening hard chunks if needed.
  • Do not let the mulch touch the trunk. Do not pile mulch around the trunk.
  • To save money, use mowed autumn leaves, or check with your park district or city in case they have free woodchips available. 

Prune the tree if needed.

  • Only prune in winter.
  • You will receive a detailed tree guide. Refer to it for information on why, when, and how to prune.