Freeport to Jo Daviess County

Section 8:

The GIT follows the Jane Addams Trail north of Freeport and then turns west to begin the longest on-road stretch of the GIT. This route traverses the 250,000 year-old landscape of the second youngest Illinois glaciation. Lake Le-Aqua-Na State Park provides an overnight camping opportunity. There are no services on this route.

Go Direction On Distance (mi)
Start: Henderson Rd & Stephenson St (NE corner of downtown Freeport)
N Henderson Rd 3.0
L W Winneshiek Rd (Winneskiek is off-center to the right at Rte 26) 3.0
R N Jane Addams Trail 5.8
L NW McConnell Rd/Co. 19 2.4
L SW McConnell Rd/Co. 7 across the Pecatonica River 0.8
R NW/W Fisher Rd (If camping at Le-Aqua-Na State Park, turn south at 3.7 miles on Deer Lane Rd. Follow for 0.4 mile, turn right/west on Lake Rd which will veer south at 0.6 mile to park entrance 0.7 mile farther). If not going to Le-Aqua-Na continue west on Fisher Rd to T-intersection at 5.7 miles. Turn right /north 0.1 miles, then left/west for 4 miles to the Jo Daviess County Line. 9.8
W At the county line, Fisher Rd becomes East Canyon Rd. Continue west to Rte 78. 3.0